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900,000 Milestone - And Still Rolling!

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900k is amazing.:thumb1: I heard that Dodge will give you 25,000 bucks toward a new Dodge truck if you clean 1 million miles. Not sure if that is true, but if I were at 900k I'd start doing some research to see if that is fact and get a deal on a new rig!

I have heard things like that too. That would be awesome.

--- Update to the previous post...

If you need some help breaking the 1M mark, let me know and I'll be happy to roll your speedometer forward for you. It's only illegal to roll it back, right?

I just got a new trans. I need to get money's worth out of it before I give it up. Can we roll it to 2m?

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It looked like new. They showed my brother (he took it to RevMax and watched them do it) the old clutches and then some new clutches and he said they looked the same. He said they were really nice guys who were very into building good torque converters. They cleaned out all the dirty parts and put it back together for very little money. They did me a favor because they want to use my mileage, on their converter, in their ads. I broke the input shaft on my last trans and nothing had contaminated the torque converter. I am putting that converter in my brother's truck now.

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Up and down the east coast for the next couple of weeks. I have tried a few times to help people do this but most pepole want to be home on the weekends and not driving 18 hours a day. It also would be hard for me to find anything in Kansas. I am not saying no I am just sharing some realities.

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CajFlynn I need to get a copy of the video... :stuned:

But here is a sneak peek at Caj himself on the show...


:thumbup2:"The Roach" :thumbup2:


Then a link to the short video clip...


I got to say I'm proud to have you as a member on my site! :thumbup2::woot:

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Lot's of boats in my area...........I live in "Lake County"!!!! If you ever drive thru northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin, let me know somehow......... Dinner on me, and a clean bed as long as you don't mind one of my dogs sleeping with you!!!!:cool:

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