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Bosch Fuel Injection Products for Dodge and Cummins Mid-Range Engines

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Since this applies to many Generations, I assume this belongs here...  Hopefully an administrator can snag the PDF and put it in the 'downloads' section.



Notice that Page 3 shows Bosch standard for most of our 2nd Gen injectors to be no less than 300 Bar and no higher than 314 Bar when new.
I also noticed the RV275  injectors are paired with a IPVR16X pump.  I read elsewhere that that pump has larger plungers than our SO and HO pumps, but also may defuel earlier than our pickup truck models.   I also can't believe the number of different part numbers for injectors, like that an 01 with an automatic is different than same year with a 5-speed.  I'd love to know the differences, but they aren't listed here.


What led me into researching this (again) was a conversation my dad had with the owner of his old truck (2000 dually, HX35, 6-speed, NOT an HO).  Not sure what injectors.  The SO pump finally took a dump and a 16X was installed by his local service shop (primarily tractor repairs in that part of the state!).  He only drives the truck with a trailer behind it, either feeding cattle, or taking them to their doom in a 35' gooseneck trailer (130 miles round trip).  He said the performance is great, but I have no idea what it would be like for a "street racer" guy.  No codes that I heard, or at least no CEL.


Very interesting to see how many models of VP44 are applicable to ISB automotive style units (I assume there may be others for singe speed operation like generators).

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21 hours ago, LorenS said:

Hopefully an administrator can snag the PDF and put it in the 'downloads' section.


Good Gawd... :whistle: If you boys quit playing with Microsoft Windows and jump to Linux its easy as pie. My PDF viewer has a DOWNLOAD button. Any PDF that I can open on the Internet I can download the entire document then edit the document if needed. 



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16 minutes ago, Mopar1973Man said:

My PDF viewer has a DOWNLOAD button

As does Windows. I had already downloaded it to my computer, missed how to upload to the Library or appropriate page.


Whoops, Big blue button at the bottom of page!

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