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Hey guys first post here so hoping this thread is in the right spot. I swapped a 2000 24v and 47re into my 06 f250 over the winter, rebuilt the engine and recently the trans. I put pdd 6x.014 sac injectors in it with .093 injector tubes. So pump. Sxe 364.5/73/83 turbo on it. I have the quadzilla adrenaline v2 on it.  I’m having a hard time building a daily tune that has decent power and doesn’t smoke a bunch or have high egts. Do you guys think it’s my injector/turbo setup or my tuning? Any help is appreciated 

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  • Administrator

Those injectors are more than a typical vp will flow. I would guess your tune would have to start in the ~%65-70 range and work up.



Post your current tune.


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Thanks for the reply! Yeah I am kinda regretting buying them considering the idle haze and bad lope when put in gear (normal?) 

here’s the tune I’ve been running, I usually keep it in level 3. At 70 mph egt is about 1000 - 1100 and boost is at about 7 but has a constant black heavy haze! 


Power levels - 7

rpm max - 3500


valet mode - 50% 


Max fuel stretch - 1400

TPS pump max - 90%
TPS pump min - 0

minimum pump tap fueling - 0

Pump low boost scale psi - 5

Boost scaling - 35


Max load timing - 2

Low psi timing reduct - 2

Timing reduct scaling - 100%
light throttle timing adv - 2 

light throttle load limit - 25


1500 - 15

2000 - 19

2500 -22

3000 -25

MAX - 27


0 89

1 90

2 91

3 92

4 93

5 94

6 95

7 96 

8 97

9 98

10 99

11 100 

12 101

13 102

14 103 

15 105 

16 107 

18 109

20 111

22 113

24 117

26 121

28 125

30 130


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  • Administrator
Posted (edited)

That fuel curve is something you would see with 7 x .010's   If it was me I would be looking at some smaller injectors for your setup.  you don't have enough air to support them.   Some 7 x .011's or 6 x .012's   I am not sure that you will be able to get the haze out of the truck when driving,  some of that might be due to hole size.     


however this is the adjustments I would make to the fuel curve.   It is similar to my 7 x .012 tune,   if you want to go fast put your foot into it and fueling should ramp up nicely.

Low psi timing reduct - 5

Timing reduct scaling - 50%



0 68

1 68

2 69

3 70

4 71

5 72

6 73

7 74 

8 76

9 78

10 80

11 82 

12 84

13 88

14 92 

15 96 

16 100 

18 104

20 108

22 112

24 116

26 118

28 124

30 128

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  • Administrator

if you are going twins then a set of infinite performance 6 x .013's should be on your list.   For the hp level you are at they are a good choice.    once you get to the level you are at I think the money spent on his stuff is worth while.  

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I tried out those numbers and smoke is very minimal and egts are much lower! Egt at 70mph went from 1000ish to about 800. The power is still there, I just have to put my foot into it more. It’s a lot more daily driver friendly now. I will be changing my setup to compounds in the future so hopefully I can use more of the fuel then. If it’s still not that great then I will look into getting a set of those 6x.013s you recommended. Thanks for the advice! 

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Also put your max timing at 30 and depending on what level you're driving around on anything above 3 is wire tap and your settings are low for it so if you're on lever 4 or higher you might be always using wiretap. With your big injectors you really don't need it to come one before 20 lb of boost. Pump low boost, change from 5 to 20. Or at least look into it. Boost scale most leave at 40. You're just compressing the map to 35 more agressive. 

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  • Administrator
Posted (edited)

Basically the optimal plan is to get both the CANBus and the Wiretap set for the same starting point and rise together to the end of the +30 PSI map. Anyone setting it for 5 PSI is wasting fuel for the most part because of the adding wire tap so low. Wire tap should not be in your daily driving zone. Like me for where I live I need at least 0 to 15 PSI for daily driving zone so everything above 15 PSI the CANBus fuel and wiretap ramp up together is is way more power than starting the wire tap at 5 PSI and ramping up over a wider bandwidth. 


0 PSI to 5 PSI is 80 to 100% (Defuel smoke control - Cut the fuel to 80% of stock)

6 PSI to 15 PSI is 100% fuel (Stock - Daily driver zone - just running on my 7 x 0.010 and timing. No extra fuel!)

16 PSI and up is ramping to 150%. (Power Mode - This where both CANBus and Wiretap ramp together)


Now take you wire tap start it at 15 PSI and set it for 1200us worth of pulse. It will pull like a raped ape. Now using your power levels. 


0 - Stock (Quadzilla Disabled)

1 - Valet Mode

2 - Stock Fuel Only (Ramp only to 100% and stops)

3 CANBus Fuel (Uses full Canbus fuel map)

4 and up - Using your wiretap (Percentage wise)


Most of my daily driving I'm either 2 or 3 for power level. If I need serious power I grab level 7. Better hang on tight because it does pull hard. Hard enough to dump objects off the dash in the front seat, floor and rare enough even the back seat. I'm also finding I can lure in more Fords and Chevy's with Level 2. Then switch to level 7 when I reach the next light and stomp em! Funny, level 2 is got a bit of power of the injectors but not quite enough to pull ahead (hooked!) now turn up the power and go the next round for the win and usually other driver loses. 


Make sure the 1,500 RPM Max Timing is 13° this ensures good retard for good spooling and fast spooling. At least my current tune is built with good bottom end pull away but true power isn't till 15 PSI and now when the tap does kick in ZERO change of the smoke of the tailpipe but the tires have been know to start smoke because of lack of traction. :burnout2:

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I had some time to mess with it today and brought the timing to 13 17 21 25 29 and the canbus to 

























It seemed a lot better and close to no smoke on level 3. Level 4 and up had great power too. There is room for improvement so I will try setting the wire tap boost higher at 15-20 like you guys said. Thanks for the help guys the truck is running 100x better since this post. I’m starting to better understand this v2 tuning. 

I did get a 6.0 powerstroke up next to me lastnight on my way home from work at a stoplight and he got me at like 100 feet until my turbo lit and I just blew past him, felt good to pass up a 6leaker lol! And only in level 4 out of 7 too. But I have yet to break the tires loose yet on it with the 37x13.5x22s lol  

After I drive it a while longer I would like to get it on the dyno and see what it makes. I’m still a little scared to beat on it too hard after snapping the input shaft back in February(rebuilt with a billet sonnax shaft now). Out of curiosity what would you guys guess my HP level would be at with my 6x13s and a 64.5 with a good race tune? I have all the supporting mods on it, airdog 165, valve springs, pushrods, arp studs, arp rod and main bolts. 

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50 minutes ago, Charlie_fummins said:

Out of curiosity what would you guys guess my HP level would be at with my 6x13s and a 64.5 with a good race tune? I have all the supporting mods on it, airdog 165, valve springs, pushrods, arp studs, arp rod and main bolts

600 ? :think:

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  • Administrator

Try this fuel map and see how it performs... This most daily driver style. More stockish on the streets till you lay down and build above 15 PSI then its off to the races. I'm not sure what your normal cruising boost is like. 



Then Timing wise start at 13° and go up by +5.5°... 13.0°, 18.5°, 24.0° then 29.5° this should work really good for 6 x 0.013 injectors.

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I had some time to do more testing with the tuning and put more miles on it. I also found a boost leak on one of boots (clamp was bottomed out) stupid mistake overlooked. Anyways that helped with decreasing smoke at lower boost and cruise speed. @Mopar1973Man I tried your fuel map and it worked really well, I just tweaked the first few numbers. 
The current tune I’ve been using daily that I feel runs the best

6x.014 s364.5/73/83 












































egts and smoke are both good and I feel it’s got the most power without much smoke. It seemed like it liked higher timing rather than lower all around 🤷🏼‍♂️ Also changing my anteater tuning to run the gears higher helped a lot for sure. A lot happier with the turbo now. I even towed with it and it did decent. 

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  • Administrator
Posted (edited)

The 1500 RPM band needs to be on the retarded side for launch purpose. The amount of retard is going to to force more flame through to the turbo helping spool up. Hence why I start at 13 degrees and work up +5.5 degree on my tune. You spraying more fuel than I am you should be in this realm for sure.


13.0, 18.5, 24.0, 29.5, Max 30

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