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I got a customer that called me asking about his clutch in his 94 Toyota. I went over to his place and hopped in the cab and could feel the pedal was super soft and like its not even pumping. I pumped the pedal up and could make a good shift. I knew at this point the hydraulics on the clutch were fried. The brake fluid was black in color. 


(day ends)


Next day I'm down in town getting supplies for another job. Stopped at the local Chevron. This customer happen to be there. He was talking to guys at Chevron about changing the clutch hydros. My friend there was like I've never seen a Toyota clutch need to be replace. I was say you should have to replace the hydro's on it just re-bleed the system. So to make the customer feel better about all this I did. Needless to say it DID NOT WORK. The fluid that came out of the slave was like thin axle grease and very black. Nope did this 3 times no dice will not allow a shift into any gear. I told my customer just order and get the hydro's. Calls me up at about 2pm in the afternoon saying it won't fit. I pack up and haul back to town after change a few bits and pieces I got the master and slave installed. After bleeding it felt much much better. You can feel the clutch now and goes into gear really well for all forward gears. Now reverse there is a bit of shift movement so it ticks a bit before getting in. Customer was happy. 


Next time I'll let my ASE certified friend know... When the OEM clutch hydros have 336k miles, the fluid is black... Pretty sure the hydros are toast!

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