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Quadzilla timing and sled pulling

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Morning Everyone,


I downloaded the tune builder to play around with it and see if I can improve my sled pulling tune. Well after re-reading the how-to for tuning and having the visual of the graph for the low PSI timing reduct, I realized I had the the functionality of it backwards. I thought at 100% load it would be pulling all of the degrees you specify, not what it actually does, which removes timing based more load. I've read that tuning guide, and some of the other ancillary threads that Mopar1973man put up, and it never clicked/sank in/stuck as to what it was doing.


So that leads me to how all of this relates to pulling.. When I am sitting at the line spooling up, all it is is to bring rpms up. There is no way to put a load on the engine like an automatic without slowly releasing the clutch. Because I am not running a clutch meant for sled pulling I don't sit on the clutch. Its a rapid, smooth-ish release to try to minimize cooking the disks. So I go from a light to moderate load to 100% and nearly full throttle in less than a second. This kind of negates the low psi timing reduct in this situation.


So that kind of leads me to a couple questions:

How low can you pull the RPM timing max sliders? During regular driving my truck likes being down in the 8-11° range when taking off, but that's at 12-1500 rpm, not 2200-2750 rpm. My 397 foot pull I have a data log of. When I took off, I was spun up to 2300 rpm then got pulled down to about 900, then got some boost and fuel and the rpms shot up to 3200-ish. I don't remember what tune I had for that one but timing bottomed out around 11. 


Depending on how my truck continues to behave, is it worth keeping the low psi reduct or just pull the timing sliders down as a whole and put the reduct to zero?


Or am I overthinking this?


End goal is to get a decent amount of take off power without dragging the motor down while I save for a pulling clutch.


I attached the data log for the 397ft pull I had back in October. The video is on the last page in need help deciding on a turbo thread or on YouTube.    







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