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Mopar1973Man Economy Tune

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Mopar1973Man Economy Tune

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This tune is rock solid above 20 MPG for sure. It is repeatable. The first test trip was from Riggins, ID where I filled and the to Donnelly, ID then to Lewiston, ID. I netted 28.04 MPG. This last trip I've gone 425 miles on just a half tank of fuel. 


Screenshot from 2021-09-11 06-47-38.png




You must have a final ratio to the ground close to 3.73 gears. I'm 3.69:1 ratio with the 245/75 R16 tires (30.5 inches) I'm running. Injectors are +150 HP DAP VCO Injectors popped at 320 bar. I'm running a slightly bigger turbo HX35/40 hybrid. Drive to speed limt but no rocket launching from stops. Take your time building speed up. 


425 miles on just a half tank of fuel. Not many can do this...



Hand math on the first test run. 



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  • Injectors
    150 HP VCO DAP Injectors popped at 320 bar
  • Turbo(s)
    HX35/40 hybrid (60/60/12)
  • VP44 wiretapped?
  • Injection Pump
    Stock SO


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How would this tune run at sea level?  I live in the California valley and my home is at 68 feet of elevation.  I will  up to occasionally be above 5000 feet.   Would you recommend any changes for the lower elevation?



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