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Random issues

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Well Thor yesterday started to buck once in a awhile and trip a few codes. 


P2509 - Power down Data Lost Error

P0088 - Fuel Rail Pressure Signal Is Above Maximum Limit

P0243 - Turbo Boost Wastegate Solenoid 


So this what I figured out. The P2509 code is triggering the P0088 when the power drop the pressure solenoid on the CP3 maxes out when the loss of power and then when the power returns it sensed but drops quick back to normal. Now I've gotta figure out the power issue for the P2509 code. 


As for the wastegate code I've gotta do a ohm test from the wastegate solenoid to the ECM. It a brand new wastegate solenoid I bought from DAP. So I know the solenoid isn't the issue but it going to be a wiring issue being its also random. I can reset the codes and it will remain off for a period of time them pop on again. 

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