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Custom injectors


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Random question and trying to gather info.


Is it possible to get a set of injectors custom made? Like take a set of your 8x.009 (125hp)injectors and get a set made larger like 8x.0105 or 8x.011?


Also is there any benefit to having multiple sized holes on one injector like 4x.012 and 4x.008 (just random numbers)? Get the benefit of finer spray with the smaller nozzles, and penetration of a larger holes for boost and rpm.. Or im off base and its a worst of both worlds.. im not sure, thats why im asking lol  


My Thought is the faster ignition of the finer spray would help ignite the larger streams for a more complete burn.. and the larger streams would have the piercing power to overcome rpm or high boost 

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What is your goal and HP requirement?  We can do a lot.  5, 6, 7, 8 hole, vco, sac, high/ low patters, spray angle modification,  pintle mod, stroke, extrude honing.


I have a set of large sac 150HP 8x.0095 that are high low spray ( faster spooling).  and a set of 8x.0105 that are the same at about 250HP  Large sac = sometimes haze at idle, but they make great top end power.

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Goal is a work stock sled puller that i can still drive on the street. I dont really have a hp goal. I know thats not a good thing in this realm.. if i had to put a number range, 5-600hp but im not dead set on that..


I guess im also at a point of i dont fully know what to ask for..  sac vs vco, hole count, spray angle.. its hard to pin down what to ask for with 7+ year old information, or really nebulous info (spray angle.. finding out what to ask for in a competition setting [when you can specify what you want] is hazy.. or i havent looked hard enough).


I also dont know whether to stepping stone up in stages or set up for the final build..


Final build idea is a quad 4k and a 64 or 66mm turbo (probably stick with going to a 64.5/68/12), still be able to drive on the street occasionally (spare vehicle type status), planning on a fully ported head from D&J, steed speed exhaust manifold, SO or Scheid lightning 2 vp44 (only when my current vp44 goes though, and probably only the SO pump)..


Dream build is a cgi block 6.7 vp44 cummins built up similar but thats gonna be a while for that to come to fruition..


i know daily driving and sled pulling are kind of on opposite sides of the spectrum, but thats my reasoning for the turbo size. Plus i think in my turbo thread you said the 63 is a more high altitude turbo, im at sea level to maybe 1500 ft of elevation max for what tracks i go to..


I got 3rd place for the year in my club with your 50s, a quad, hx35, no traction bars or suspension stops, and not decent tires.. blew my mind when i got that lol.. also an idea of what hp range my area is at.. 


Hope some of this info helps,.


What do you mean by high low spray? 2 different spray angles?

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3rd place is pretty good for mild mods.  Do you plan on staying with a stock appearing hx35 or stepping up to a s300?  64.5mm is almost the  same weight as the  63mm so I would lean towards a 64/73.4/12 if you want 600HP and fast spool up.  the 68mm turbine is less efficient at/above 550HP due to increasing drive pressure.


High/low spray = dual plane and it leads to less interference with the spray so there can be better bowl penetration and more holes.


With the Adrenaline you can always reduce the fuel stretch. So you can run some big injectors and have greater control of the injection event.


The lightning 2 pump flows about 100cc more so it should make close to an extra 150-200HP over an SO pump.


What do you want to start with?



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Sorry for the delay.. 


Going to an s300/small frame charger. Need to wait for my pulling club to meet to look over or change our rules.


You mentioned the 63mm is a high altitude oriented turbo in one of my other threads.. can you expand on that?


I'm assuming that injectors are dictated from the turbo so i need that before making a decision on injectors...


Thinking about it im gonna go with an so pump when my current one really gets unable to fuel high enough.. still rocking an ho pump for now. 


My questions i guess to start..


Is there that much difference between sac and vco nozzles? Ive seen anything from sac causing loping issues, sac makes more power until a certain point, vco is quieter, vco is less smoky.. not sure what to think anymore.


Higher hole count benefits?


The high/low or dual plane nozzle, i think ive seen this as a competition only nozzle with like 12 huge holes stacked on top of each other (2 sets of 6).. what are the benefits in a smaller hole size?


Any benefit to changing the spray angle?


Lift, stroke, and pintle mods, are there benefits at lower size injectors? I know weston (infinte performance) says one of those is useless i think its lift.. not sure.. hes also not very forthcoming with info why..


Benefits of extrude honing? Im assuming your nozzles are edm'd to start with so im guessing its to clean up edges. 


Thank you in advance for helping me. Its appreciated. 

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