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Warren Idaho trip

Honey Badger

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I've got to look into the photo module on the server it does not seem to see which way is up in the photo. :duh:





Yup we found a excellent camping spot. Tuck away from the main road. Very peaceful place. This camping trip was a well needed trip. a lot of things had happened during this trip. First off we made a trip over to Warren, ID and visited the old mining town and had a bit of lunch time snack. Wondering the dirt roads. Even picked up a bit of firewood. Now that we had a day of rest playing in Warren. We did wonder the roads a bit more to the north and it get pretty rough out there. One of these day in the sum,er when weather is better we will make the loop from Warren, ID to Yellow Pine, ID which happens to be the most remote town in Idaho. Yeah I've been to Yellow Pine but its been years ago. Oh look close there is a old tree stuimp under my truck...




Now on the return to the RV that night we sat down and kind of had a simple dinner of sandwiches. Then we sat down started talking business a bit that night. Crazy part we came up with a business plan for the website and there is going to be major changes and improvements. Matter of fact it last til 1am in the morning just chatting and designing the future of Mopar1973Man.Com. So fair warning there is more to come. A LOT MORE! Again I've got to give huge thanks to @Honey Badger for the ideas and effort she is putting into this whole business.

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For a minute I thought @wil440posted those pictures.  I couldn't figure out how he got to Idaho so fast.  Then I realized it wasn't him.  He posts his photos upside down.


Cool back country!


- John

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