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CP4 pump recall

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Some more details.. Model wise its not a cp3, but its called the CPISB21.. Physically, its a cp3, or closely based on a cp3.. Rumor is, due to something im forgetting or saving face, they cant install something 'old' as a fix. so they renamed it something new and upped the pressures if i remember correctly.


Currently the recall is for both model years but only the 2020s are getting the fix.. Some difference between the two model years is enough to mess with it apparently.. This is coming from my dad who works in the parts room at a dodge dealership. 


Glad to see that the front timing case desnt have to come off. That was the original idea that another forum thought that the fix was gonna be, new front cover from the 2021+ cp3 trucks to go with the new cp3..


This info is 6 months to a year old from what i remember from hdrams forum. Havent gone on there in a while, not up to date on full specifics..

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1 hour ago, Mopar1973Man said:

More on 5th gens...




Be aware FASS fuel system will void your warranty.

as it should.  aftermarket items should really not be added until the warranty is up with the manufacturer.    Kinda crazy in my mind to spend $50,000+ on a new truck then install aftermarket powertrain stuff on it.  


have there been many issues with the Oem lift pumps on 3rd gen + trucks?   

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On 9/7/2022 at 9:24 AM, Me78569 said:

aftermarket items should really not be added until the warranty is up with the manufacturer

I suppose. Then there are the examples of recalls to fix bad designs.


Bosch wants a 4-micron filter and GM uses a 7-micron. Then no lift pump at all.


Dodge realizing a block mounted lift pump is maybe not the best and finally moved it to the tank so it could push.

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 More reasons to stay in my 2nd gen truck. Plus I like the looks of it.

 I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that modify a brand new truck. I agree, not the best thing to do for warranty but they do it.

 As time goes on and the trucks age and rack up miles there will be plenty of aftermarket offerings to fix the manufacturer short comings. Same happened for the 1st and 2nd gen trucks.

 Once @Mopar1973Man gets ahold of them he will straighten them out. Lol

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