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Radiator Air Flow

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I decided to run some more scenarios to see if my truck would ever try and overheat. I took the fan and shroud off a while back and nothing changed, still runs at 195F the whole time. It seems I only have to be doing 5-10mph to keep it at that temp.Anyways, I blocked the radiator completely off from behind it (in front of it would surely make it overheat) and the way I was figuring is the air goes in and bounces off the backing plate. Or it doesn't really go in because of the pressure of the plate. Not sure, think I have proven I am not the best at physics lol. I tried it anyways since, why not. Drove into the city to a couple stoplights and back out to my house, totaled about 25 min of drive time. It was 75F out. Can you guys believe that it didn't have any difference to when I was running without the plate? It went up and stayed at 195F the whole time, same as before. The only time I have issues is when idling, for obvious reasons. However, most people think after 5 min it would be puking. So I tested that theory too. I got back home and left it running. When I stopped it was at 193F. 5 min later it was at 200F. 5 min later it had hit 210F. I didn't go any higher. Those times are once again, the same as when the plate wasn't there.Funny thing was my EGT was at about 340F when I turned it off (15 min of sitting), now you guys see why I don't even bother waiting to shut it off lol. Yes I used the crappiest piece of sheet metal I could find :lol:The only thing I see bad about this is that the underhood temps could get hot and maybe do some interesting things, which is why I am taking it back off, might put it back on in the winter. I just wanted to see what it would do.


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