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Mike, sence I'm no longer running the power puck, Do you think if I install the RV/275's with the stock motor it'll get me close to the power/performance I had or will it need other help?The reason i'm asking, I'm not looking to hot rod in any way. Just kick it up a little, like the puck did with out the other problems. The puck only had appx 5000miles on it, wont trust one again. It did make pulling the trailer alot better.Thanks Ed.

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RV275's are basically 40HP injector. Now this will help with the fuel but does nothing about the stock timing... So you might consider stacking with a Edge EZ or a Edge Comp? :shrug:

I agree - you already have a semi-built tranny - get a edge juice - the new CTS ones looks awesome with touch screen and rear view camera etc ............ you can run from like +40HP to like +120 HP at flip of switch and generally pick up 2-3 mpg. Else - a comp or EZ - just buy second hand - get for 50% off new prices ........ if you don't like it - then sell it for what you paid for it ............... no loss :):thumbup2:
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