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Bunch of code and the ABS brake light came on

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I was running down the road last Wednesday and i Look down and the abs and brake lights were on. So i pulled codes today.









I could see 1 code but all of these? Any ideas guys?

thanks in advance.

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250 - Injection pump??251 - Fuel Inj. Pump Mech. Failure Fuel Valve Feedback Circuit230 - Transfer Pump (Lift Pump) Circuit Out of Range500 - No Vehicle Speed Sensor Signal501 - Speed sensor1689 - No Communication Between ECM and Injection Pump Module1693 - Companion code1765 - Trans 12 Volt Supply Relay Ctrl Circuit (Mystery switch) As for the brake light I have it happen from spinning trhe tires and most times I press the pedal hard and it resets... Since there was no ABS light its not a speed sensor failure. The rest seem to be a rash of injection pump codes...:rolleyes:

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Thanks mike for the list of what the codes mean. It would seem as if i might have a SOVP44 heading south. I don't have any driveability problems. It runs fine. Where would a guy go from here? 230 I have a f.a.s.s????? 1765 is a mystery switch. I wonder if the 1689 has to do with the random no HI idle problem? I got to see if i can find someone with a smarty to wipe out the codes and see what comes back.

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