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I have ran a lot (3 sets) of 275's and one set of 75's and now DDP's 50 hp. And while I am on the subject I would like to thank JohnFax for loaning me his 275 till mine came back. John I will have them in the mail as soon as you can give me your address. Lost original box you sent.And I have to say the DDP's are the best I have ran as far as low end inj. They have a feel like no other inj. good low and good mid range. They do cost more but I think worth it. I am going to check to see if they have the same angle of spray or what they did, what ever it is I like.

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No worries - glad it helped. Will pm you address.Find out anything with regard to your DDP's and pop pressure etc ? Were gonna need a video of that truck pulling down houses or sleds sometime soon ! :thumbup2:

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