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      Google Authenticator   04/23/2017

      Mopar1973Man.Com will now start using two-factor authentication to protect users accounts. All staff, donors, and customers will be required to use the Google Authenticator which you can download for free. Just scan the QR barcode and the app will provide the lock code. If you attempt to guess the code it will lock you out of the site. So please don't guess at the code. This will only appear to users that are accessing mission critical data to the member or the site.   I also enable the question and answers. If anyone has other ideas for question please PM to me and I'll add them to the system as well. The Question and Answers work similar and you must answer the questions to gain access to a protected area.  


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Banner Ads / Renewals / Vendors / Dealers

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I know there is several vendors and dealers been asking about renewal of there ad banners... Ok... Let me be honest... The software for the ad server has got a huge bug in it and you not able to login to the ad server to maintain your ad banners... So I'm letting a bunch roll over so I can re-install a previous version and get it back up online again... Now I know there is a bunch of you that have had the same old banner on the site forever... Well here is you chance to update to a new banner ad... Vendors Ads will have more priority over membership ads... As for the Gold and Platinum Users your also allowed a banner ad of your choice too... So if you have a home industry, want to advertise your company, etc it can be done... Like once again vendors ads will come first... Currently I'm capable of 468x60 banner ads... I'm going to see about other sizes too... So for those of you that are due for renewal please be patient while I get the ad server fixed... I'll keep you up to date on when it up... But in the meantime get your banner ad artwork together...

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