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Just and FYI ... something NEW from the FBI


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Today I was watching the news and seen this.

The FBI has a free APP incase something happens to your kids or grandkids, like in the shopping mall and they disappear.

The only issue is this is free and 'only' for the iPhones …. 'at this time'.

They are in the process of making the APP for all the other smart phones on the market.

This is worth looking into or knowing about for when it's available to your style phone if you feel it's needed.

From what I understand, you keep the app handy in your phone, the info for each kid is kept in 'your phone only', you can update it as needed and handy if they disappear.

Then, instead of trying to get the information or describing the child while in a panic mode, your ready to go.

(although there were times my wife and I would have like to have the kids taken and drive someone else nuts for a while, giving us a break … it's something that we would have liked to have had back then)


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