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Swap a Gas for Diesel engine same year trucks??

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After weighing out a new paint job cutting and welding up the top and new glass, hood, bed, fenders and hood it looks easier to swap trucks? It seems a gas 2500 4x4 manual is way cheaper then the diesels ones are. SO is it a real big job to put my running diesel and 6 speed into a gas truck and use the parts off my diesel to beef up the gas power train? I have the complete power train and a great looking dash for all the electrical. Then I could part out the rest of the truck to cover some of the costs. I see 2001 Dodge 2500 4x4s going for $4,500.00 with nice bodys and interior but high miles on them. I could not get a good paint job for that price let alone all the body parts I need. Seems the frames are the same and it may be just changing the wiring harness, front and rear ends plus springs, hydraulic clutch, dash instrument and maybe the fuel tank and fuel system. What I'm I missing here to do this swap? Mark:doh:

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