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P7100 Inner Workings

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I finally got around to doing this, well not really I just threw it all together so it is kinda repetitive and you'll just have to excuse my horrible skills at showing people how stuff works. BUT, this shows a crapload more than you'll ever see anywhere else and I should probably be getting paid for it but oh well.

Without further delay, heres 25 minutes of explaining. Everything else has already been explained in a write up:

[*]Fuel Plate

[*]Fuel Shutoff Solenoid

[*]Smoke Screw

[*]AFC (Starwheel)


Some things to note that I forgot to mention:

This is a 215HP pump, as you can tell from the retarding notches. The notches are on the very top of the plunger, you can see a slight recess up there, all other pumps are completely flat on top. It retards the timing because the spill port is left uncovered for just a bit longer since it travels into the notch rather than being covered by the plunger and allowing fuel to compress, this delay means injection happens later, retarding the timing. It is 4* delayed at the most recessed part of that notch.

Another thing is that the oil inlet is TINY, it restricts the flow of oil into the pump so that it has a constant slow oil feed. It drains out the front very slowly.

Any more questions? Feel free to ask.

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