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Check out my "Hail of a Deal!" 2007 Honda Element SC 5 speed manual


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I came across this the day I spent 6 hours driving to look at a Honda Element from these azz hats: http://importautoconnection.com/ Who seriously misrepresented to me the condition of this piece of JUNK! http://importautoconnection.com/vehicledetails.php?vid=12236 Looks pretty from a distance. They told me right up front that it was a salvage title vehicle that they repaired that was not perfect but drove like and was good as new. Yeah.......right! :mad: This vehicle did NOT have one fender that lined up even close. The cabin roof was bent out of square to the point that the window glass would not lay flush on the window seals. The passenger rear window glass had almost a 3/4 in gap between the glass an seal! Needless to say, I left that place MIGHTY pissed off! On the way home, while I was on a good rant, I said that I would rather have a salvage vehicle that was hail damaged..............my wife tells me God was listening to my rant. I think he was but I hope he didn't listen to the entire rant.......there was some pretty "salty" language being vented. :lol: Anyhow, when I get home, I decided to give eBay one last look before going to bed. Low and behold I came across this: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/?cmd=ViewItem&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649&item=220885581173&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT So, I made an offer and called the guy first thing in the morning. We made a deal and he gave me $400 off the asking price. David did a SUPER job and even helped me get the extra key fob, owner's manual, vallet key, and key code tag from the previous owner who traded it in. It has a few dents and crinkles but this is vehicle and color I tried like hell to get almost 3 years ago but you could not find them for want of love or money. Anyhow, the interior and drive train is like a new car. It came with what look to be new Hankook H727 tires. The wife and I like it so well, we will probably keep it and let my daughter drive the 2009 Honda Element SC we already have since it has the automatic. On edit: I didn't see the "Reader's Rides" section. Mike can you or one of the other mods move this there? Thanks!

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