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Site changes! - User Information Required!

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Ok Gang...

I'm hard at work plugging away at the site improving it everyday... Yes everyday I'm putting several hours in to the coding...

Real Name

Well the first change I've done is in your profile now there is a place for your REAL NAME and its going to become a require entry for all new users. This is going to be used for your account over on the article database which requires a real name placement. So now if anyone wants to have account with the article database you can request for a account and I'll mirror your account from the forum. Keeps the spammers out and reduces my work load.

Now going back to a wonderful idea from Flagmanruss... (Thank you!) :thumbup2:

Donation Info

Now you last donation information will be available in your profile now. So for those of you that want to know when you donated last and the last amount will be listed in the profile for ya. This will only be the last donation and not a total or a full list. This allows you to see when you last donation was and allows you to deside if your going donate again. Once again I thank all those that have donated!

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