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Browser Issues

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There has been a few people coming forward and mentioning about browser issues where the site is not working properly or displaying thing properly. This happens to be cause by some of the update I done here in the site and moving forward with newer technologies. I do everything in my power to double check and make sure everything is working properly also watching the software manufacture site for updates to correct any problems.

So to clear up any problems here is what I'm testing with....

[*]Safari 5.1.2

[*]FireFox 9.0.1

[*]Internet Explorer 9.0.8

[*]Opera 11.60

Another thing to double check is your Adobe Flash player for updates and Java for updates. As I've been told from the software manufacture support for older browser will be obsoleted and you'll have to update to keep up. So if you browser software is behind I highly suggest you go out and update it.

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