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Ok Gang...I want to kick the friendship into high gear here. I'm going to hopefully start something that will become viral on the site. Ok here is my idea. Your profile page is there and you got a visitor message box. Well I want to see if we all can start writing on each other pages and stay in touch with each other. Yeah I know there is PM's but that is so boring... Why not start a conversation with other members and find out what you got in common with each other. Who knows maybe make some new friends or make a sale... :shrug: But the function is there and I would like to make use of it and see if we can make kind of our own version facebook here on the site where like minded people can ask each other for help and maybe share knowledge or experience. It might help to stick a picture of your mug in the profile pic and share a little about yourself.As remember here at Mopar1973Man you get the option of changing your profile page to anything you wish. So if you want a different color scheme have at it! :thumbup2:

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That's the whole idea is to create your own kind of facebook page that is right here on Mopar1973Man.Com... You can change colors, backgrounds, fonts, sizes, etc... Take a peek...

--- Update to the previous post...

It nice to see some of you actual starting some communications between each other on the profile page. Now get creative and style up your page and show off who you are and what you got... Come one guys and gals post up pictures in you album, update your profile picture of your mug. Yes... It would be nice to see a picture of who your talking to we are all family. But come on guys show off your trucks and hobbies.. :thumbup2:

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