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Wild and Free

My new ride, 2010 Ram 1500

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I recently sold My 02 cummins as I had 2 Ram cummins and was daily driving one and with the price of diesel being so high I couldn't justify having 2 of them so I went Hemi shopping and found this one.2010 Ram 1500 SLT 4x4 quad cab 5.7 Hemi 5 spd auto. first tank averaged 16.9 with a good mix of driving and a lot of town driving for my standards. So I am happy as can be as my cummins daily averaged 15.5-16.5 so with gas being 40 :2cents: lower than diesel around here right now I am saving money already.It had 19,800 miles when I drove it off the lot. still has factory warranty.:thumb1:So far almost 2K miles on it since I bought it. Mileage has been great, hand calculated it has averaged right about 17. lowest tank was 15.9 and highest was 17.9 with most coming in at 16.9-17.1 range. Even the econo gauge is pretty accurate, it actually reads low if anything but has been within a couple tenths at most fill ups if not dead on.




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