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Road Ripper 3000, experience?


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I just talked to the previous owner of my pickup and he told me that he had installed a reman Road Ripper 3000 from Certified Transmissions. I started getting off subject in my previous thread so I thought I would start a new one. I ordered the Smarty S06 POD and will be doing a lot of pulling. According to the webiste, the Road Ripper can handle a beating, but I was wondering what are my limitations. I don't plan on hot rodding, but when I buy a Quadzilla Scout down the line, it would be nice to be able to have the quick get up and go for fun. What have you guys seen and what settings should I be keeping her at?

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from the website: http://certifiedtransmission.com/roadripper3000.asp

Behold the Road Ripper 3000 Transmission

Posted Image

This is the motherload of all Road Rippers™! Once this performance transmission opens a can of whup@$$, all hell breaks loose. It handles monster loads and leaves roads begging for mercy. Only the hardcore need apply. Serious racers can kick its @$$ 24/7. It'll only ask for more. Road Ripper™ 3000-very durable, very hard working and very kick @$$.

Built for:

[*]Frequent towing of 10,000 lbs. or more on a fifth wheel (trailer)

[*]Engines with added horsepower of 250 or more

[*]Drag cars running a quarter mile in 10-12 seconds

Designed with:

[*]Hardcore, heavy-duty tempered parts

[*]Fortified case rigidity for strength

[*]Larger servos and levers for maximum seamless grab

[*]Highest possible pressure for tight-grip, no-slug shifts

[*]High-flow lube circuit, sump and pump beats heavy-duty heat

[*]Ability to boost the charge circuit to handle higher torque loads

[*]Peak density in clutch pack for no slippage

[*]Heavy-duty bands and clutches that handle high energy

[*](Road Ripper™ 3000 requires an external cooler which we can supply for an additional cost.)

Road Ripper 3000: What's it all about?

Road Ripper 3000 is for the serious full-time racer and for the reprogrammed, stump-pulling, overloaded vehicle. This is a beefed-up transmission that can handle the extra horsepower and torque with a geartrain built to the highest capacity available. Hardened shafts, where available, are used to take on those extreme-working vehicles that like to break things. In this unit, we increase the pressures more in the transmission. We use high-energy clutches and bands like red, blue or even Raybestos® Z-Pak™ clutches and Pro Series™ bands. We address servos and accumulators in this unit to match up with the shifts you like. We replace all rollers and sprags with the maximum element available and increase the sump capacity for additional cooling. Converters are custom built to handle all of your applications. (Converters with a higher stall rate are available at an additional cost.) This is a very tough, very hard-working unit.

Some of the Specifics:

[*]Use of the highest-flow pumps that are available.

[*]Complete valve body separator plate modifications for durability and improving shifts.

[*]Installation of a heavy-duty planetary gear.

[*]Increase in the base line pressure which also provides a better linear line pressure increase for higher shift quality.

[*]Hardened shafts where available.

[*]Improvement of the throttle pressure circuit for a faster and more responsive line pressure boost.

[*]Increased case rigidity to help prevent the case from cracking.

[*]Resized servo and levers for maximum holding of any bands.

[*]Increased sump capacity for additional cooling.

[*]Use of high-energy clutches and professional series bands in the transmission.

[*]An increase of the clutch packs by as much as 38 percent for more holding power.

[*]Custom-built converters to handle specific applications.

[*]Improves the lube circuit which feeds all the bushings, washers and geartrain in the transmission to keep them lubricated.

[*]Improves the torque converter charge circuit which will ensure that the converter stays fully charged with fluid so you don't lose power during heavy demands or a wide-open throttle.

[*]All sprags and rollers are replaced with the maximum element available for increased capacity.

If your torque converter is still stock, that will still be a huge weak-link in making/applying power.

... And apparently, it "kick @$$!" lol

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It looks good from the website data. I would call them and see what they say, and see if they can find the invoice to verify the trans/converter install.If that's that case I would set it on SW5 and forget about it, since your in flat land.

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It looks good from the website data. I would call them and see what they say, and see if they can find the invoice to verify the trans/converter install. If that's that case I would set it on SW5 and forget about it, since your in flat land.

It has a tripple disk torque converter. Not too familiar with trany and TC other than I like the TC lockup.
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