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Might kick it up to 5x5 and check again... Even with super cold temp of +6*F starting temp and a high of 33*F fo the day I still pulled 21.6 MPG on my last trip down to Donnelly, ID with the Cummins...Tire size... For every 4 pound of tire your get rid of mean 1 less HP required to push the truck down the road.Tread pattern... Aggressive tread pattern will create up to 20% more drag than a standard street tire.Brakes / Bearing dragging... Are you brakes working properly? Do you have bad wheel bearings?Weight / Cargo... Are you carrying excessive aomunt of junk on the truck that could be left at home or thrown out?Speed... Are you traveling faster than 55 MPH? If you are just going from 55 to 65 MPH will double your wind drag... Then from 65 to 75 MPH your wind drag doubles again (or 4x as much as 55 MPH). Slow Down!Brake usage... Are you following to close slowing down and then accelerating again? Everytime you use your brakes you convert your motion into heat on the rotors then acclerate create more load on the engine to catch up again. Using Cetane boosters or fuel additives... Don't! Cetane booster don't increase MPG actually the reverse it takes away from the MPG because the higher the cetane the lower the BTU's. 2 Cycle oil is a natural cetane REDUCER. ScanGauge II... You might try one. Once you calibrate the SGII you find it a good tool to learn how to get the most MPG's from your truck.More? :shrug:

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