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I went aliitle bigger on my tire size stock was 245 75 16 went to 265 75 16 just wondering what my actual mileage would be right now im doing a little better than 14 arond townon the new tires also will the scan gauge 2 allow me adjust the tire size?

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Calibrate your speed on the ScanGauge II by using a GPS and have both display speed. Then go into the menu on ScanGauge II under setup and display speed. Then change the speed to match the GPS. Now you have a accuracte speedometer/odometer on the ScanGauge II... But this will not fix the stock cluster... Sorry...

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I'm going to have to find time on this one.

Originally, I set my tire size change by using a TomTom GPS to get it to read 70 on the speed-o and 70 on the TomTom.

When I had to turn the truck in for a recall notice, to play it safe, I changed my settings back to stock for that service. After I got the truck back, I reset it back to SW5 and, per my TomTom, my speed-o reading didn't change in either mode.

If the damn winds and rains ever slow down, I'll put it on stock and go to town as I wanted to today and see if it changed.

But I seem to remember when changing tire size, it stays until you change it again.

Going from stock to SW ??? and back to stock changed all settings, but not tire size.

--- Update to the previous post...

I put my truck back to stock with my Smarty and through in my TomTom and went to town. The speed at 35, 45, 55 and 70 was on the money. So someone can use their Smarty to set your tire size and not lock in your VIN. Then when they disconnect your truck, the tire size will stay until you have something that will change it again.

When I 1st bought my TomTom, I noticed the speed-o was 2 mph (per the GPS) less than what my GPS said. (I have mine reading true for accurate MPG's.) But if you want to be stock, make sure it's 2 mph less than GPS.

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