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Hey boys and girls - nothing important but could use some opinions. My truck came with stacks which I have replaced with simple 4" kit.Now I want to sell the stacks but don't know what to ask for $$. It is not a typical stack kit with Y pipe. Previous owner made his own piping for in the bed and attached the stacks to it. The homemade piece has a pipe that goes down through the bed like a typical kit. Pics of stacks are attached.The buyer will have to purchase piping from the downpipe to the pipe coming out of the bed, but I'm including in the sale, the diamond plate protection set up including all rails and hardware to attach.I was going to ask $350 for it all (most value being in the stacks and diamond plate. Unreasonable? I'm finding new kits to be about 600-700 if it includes the stack tips and an install kit. Install kits can be had for about 150 I believe.Thanks.






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