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Radiator hoses

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Got my rad out and flushing the system and a new thermo. The hoses dont look to be bad but since I there.......

What is a good brand of hoses? I dont like autozone anything. So far Napa has been the better place but they are $$ in my town, but will go there for quailty if needed. Does anyone make silicone hoses for our trucks?

--- Update to the previous post...

Well found silicone hose kits....Umm yea gonna wait on those. lol




So what brand in a normal hose? Goodyear? gates? ???

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:thud:on those hoses. Whate ever comes on them must be good. I still have my OE's. No cracks or soft spots. they still seem ot be holding well. Hopefully they will give me some warning before they blow.

Exactly. Mine look fine, but a "while I was there...." Might leave em and save up for the silicone hoses. Had an old cop car and the silicone hoses on that looked brand new when cleaned up.
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