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I always put an extra half or so qt in through the shifter hole, when I had the 4500. I still do, with the 5600.. Issue with the 4500 is that on ascension or decension, the 5th gear assembly can lose lubrication in certain instances..



As for gear oils, I researched this heavily, a few yrs ago, when I swapped my '96 47RE for a NV4500. I had to rebuild the trans shortly after that, and it wasn't hard at all. I'd never rebuilt a manual, prior to that.

Fluid-wise, you can use Royal Purple SynchroMesh and SynchroMax in the 4500/5600s. Let me check my notes and I'll let you all know which goes in what trans.


Dodge Trucks NV4500, 1994 & newer (GL-4: 75W85) Posted ImageMax-Gear 75W90

Dodge Trucks NV1500, NV3500 & NV5600, 1994 & newer (MS9224 / PN04874464) Posted ImageSynchromax

From Royal Purple's tech sppt :

For your 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Cummins we recommend the following:

Transfer Case: Royal Purple Synchromax (part #01512, quart bottle); 5.2 quarts;

(w/241HD w/ power take off)

Front Differential: Royal Purple Max Gear 75W-90 (part #01300, quart bottle); 4.25 quarts;

Rear Differential: Royal Purple Max Gear 75W-90 (part #01300, quart bottle); 5.05 quarts;

Power Steering: Royal Purple Max EZ (part #01326, 12-oz bottle);

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He is just saying add an extra half quart above the fill plug. It helps lube 5th gear on yours and 6th gear on mine. One way to do it is thru the shifter hole. I did that on my 6 speed when I changed out and had the hole open. Prior to haveing it open I parked the truck on the side of the drainage ditch in front of my house. The truck leaned over enough to get an extra quart in and I did not have to take anything apart. It's very easy that way.

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