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Well i should have gotten a Road Armor Bumper and maybe it would have helped a little. A guy decided to cut in front of me and make a left as i was going straight. Light turned yellow and one guy cut in front but had time to make it but the 2nd guy didnt make it. Witness confirmed that it was a yellow light 15 different ways to my insurance. She thought that the guy making the left had right of way. I cant believe california gives away drivers licenses that easy. Plus they do not do anything to people that drive around with no insurance. Amazing state! No i have to wait for his insurance to investigate.

The truck still started and went into gear and drove up the tow truck bed so thats a good thing. Not sure if the intercooler is busted but will have to wait and see.

What makes this even worse is that this truck is my race car hauler and my car was pretty much ready to go to the tuner and off to the track. Well so much for that. Been down for a year and now dont know for how long.

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Here is my race car and what i have been doing to it.

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From this

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to this

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