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I was off on our annual rendezvous re-enacting camp trip. We got back after supper last night... we stopped at TGI Fridays resturant on the way home. I really needed the break from driving. The truck/trailer towed nicely going up... it was a "a female dog" driving home. 3 hours of white knuckle driving back from Western Mass Bershires. Moderate winds & passing Trailer Trucks would blow me all over the road. I think it was the weight shift as a result of empty fresh water tanks VS filled dirty water tanks. I think the fresh water is 100 gallons in 2 tanks over the axles. I dumped the grey water in the field. I don't know what the grey water/black water caps are... I've been trying to research 28' Thor TranSport. Anyone have a link to the specs?I really like the XZT+ chip for towing. I tried switching it +35 hp to +70 for hills but honestly, I think it was better to leave it in +70. The lie-o-meter went from mid 17s to 13.6 towing. As soon as I unhook I'll run to the fuel station & hand calc. I really like the Swirl resonator... really killed the drone. The camping part of the trip...I was RVing in the parking lot. We had a day camp inside the primitive camp with our friends in their group camp. I used my Wrangler scooter pretty heavily. When their camp was crowded, I sat on my rollator walker (I kept an Indian blanket over it to break up the look). When their camp was less crowded, I took the scooter through the high grass to the "back door" where I could scoot into the shade of their overhead fly, sat on the comfy seat (with another Indian blanket pinned in place) & was part of the group. The weather was an issue... sun, temps to 90, thunderstorms with rotation & maybe some hail which destroyed the pop up awning over the scooter. Sheila took pictures of the wreckage... At least it cooled off the last few days. The specialty of this camp was staying in the shade... I still got too much sun on my face / arms (cumulitive sun burn). It looked like I had a tan but most of it washed off last night, my first real shower in 10 days. (I had one "Navy shower", necessary after being sick one day, {sorry if this is "TMI"}) I have plenty of MS issues but I'm still pretty stable. We just emptied the 100 gallons of fresh water in the tanks... and 2 cases of bottled water. That's how we survived by drinking... peeing, drinking... peeing. The rig in in the yard... not placed yet. After the wife leaves, I'm going to level it some with planks so I can walk inside. (sing song: What do you do with a drunken sailor" while going aboard now.) With a 10 degree angle to port & movement of the tires... like being at sea in a sail boat (or drift fishing).The 45watt solar (Harbor Freight) is really nicely made... but they're too heavy for short term camping & not enough output for fridge & other 12volt draws. I really like the digital volts read out... would like to add one in the trailer cabin. I'll be selling the solar panels off. I think the set up would be useful on a RV or boat to charge cabin batteries all week for a weekend use cycle. Honda 1000 generator charged scooter & RV battery bank every 2-3 days in just a few hours. On a week long trip this is more useful to me. The Honda started with a full gas tank & I was still on the first 2 gal can. Never touched the other gas cans.The fridge ran nicely on propane with the new sparker. I unplugged the AC on the fridge to keep it on gas/12volt.

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