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Key trick VS scanner, code reader and laptop do not agree....

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Sorry guys this could get a bit long. So I will try and stay on point.

Key trick shows 1 PCM code P05000 and 2 ECM codes p0222 and p0217. (I do have a SES light and solid BRAKE light showing on cluster)

Since these appeared after some major repairs, and during a new frrp install, I tried to just clear them and see if they come back.

I first connected an Actron CP9035. It showed only the P0222 code, and would not clear it.

Ok, so I pull out my Auto X-Ray EZ-6000. It connects fine (a bit slower than most other cars, but connects and shows intake air temp, throttle position, coolant temp, vehicle speed etc in real time) It sees only 1 code p0222. It will not clear it.

Ok, so I get the laptop and carcode. It connects fine, I can see many things (basically the same as the 6000). It sees one code P0222, and will not clear it.

Now, I get the that the P0222 could be a hard code and maintaining the problem (though the trouble shooting shows that this SHOULD only occur with the ignition ON AND engine RUNNING, It theoretically could be cleared during a key on engine off connection) I might not be able to clear it.

Has anyone else shown a discrepancy between key trick and actual codes?

That is my main question.... I will make a couple other posts on how inconceivable it is that there really is a P0500 or P0217 code in reality (could they be ghosts?).



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Trick... Pull the coolant sensor (ECT) lead and allow it to trip a check engine light and Check gage light. Then rehook up the sensor then clear the codes... Weird problem with Dodge ECM/PCM combo's I see the same thing sometimes with P0500 codes I can't erase.. So doing the above will allow the tool to actual erase the code. Don't ask why its this way I don't know but I know the above trick works.

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Awesome idea!!!! :hyper:

Will give that a try at lunch and report back!!!


- - - Updated - - -

Wohoo!!! That worked well. Thanks!!

Now only the P0222. Will use the sheet to check for wiring problems there!!

I ran key trick, got above codes (mostly ghosts). Connected 6000 got P0222 only.

Disconnected ECT.

Started truck.

(surprised how long it took the ECM to notice that the ECT signal was missing) saw new code in 6000. check gauges lite came on properly.

Stopped truck.

Reconnected ECT

(forgot to do the key trick....)

scanned with 6000. saw 2 codes now.... P0222 and P0118.

Cleared codes.

performed key trick, only P0222!!!!

(just a quick question.... last sentences in step one says "if voltage is > 4.5v go to next step. If voltage is <5.5 volts, go to step 8." Should the 5.5 volts be 4.5 volts? (I am thinking so.)



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