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enclosed trailer double-door conversion to ramp door?

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So, yeah.. I've got a 2002 CAR-MATE 8'W x 20'L enclosed trailer with the double doors on the back. It really doesn't work well for me, and what I use it for, but I only have $1300 in the trailer.If it had a ramp door on the back, I'd be in heaven, and wouldn't have to jack with ramps 10 times a day.I've found parts for them (greaseable hing pins and collars, 96" spring assembly, latches, etc.) but no doors or ideas for doing it, or even if it's cost-effective. Used trailers in this size (around here) are in the $4K-5K range, and mine just wouldn't really bring that, I think.Anyone have any suggestions or what-have-yous, concerning such a conversion?Thanks.Rogan

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