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Cannons... no secret I like the noisy things...

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A friend has a neat signal cannon in 8 gauge. Yeah, right, try to find 8 gauge cases. The plastic industrial shells have to be modified to work and then melt after a few firings with black powder. Brass or SS is the way to go. He contracted some cases made, but in the mean time I've been playing with some brass stock (cut off propeller shafting)... to make one. 8 bore 3.25" shell.

It's been interesting as my 1930s vintage SouthBend is several generations of tooling obsolete. I have not kept up so it's been a learning curve to adapt my machine to new cutters & especially a new boring bar. It's do a few minutes, think about it for a day or 2... try something new... etc for a couple of weeks. Anyrate, I think I have a workable case. Gotta get it to him to try in his gun...


Posted Image

Big Boys Toys (Nope, lathe photo a previous mortar project... 8 G isn't that big)

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