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Ipod ????

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Im not tech savy but would like an Iphone but I dont want to pay for the monthly plan so maybe an Ipod is the next best thing. I know nothing about them but would like to know if you can run internet and navigation while on the road. A gps would be good if you know the address your looking for but if not it would be nice to look it up while in the truck already on the road. Can this be done with an Ipod or do I need to get an Iphone with the monthly plan?

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What is this other devise you speak of? Do I need a monthly plan? Dumb it down for me.:think:

- - - Updated - - -

So you just buy minutes for the other device?

Basically yes.

You need a wifi device to carry with you so you can get on the WWW. That is one with no contract and you just add minutes. You can do it with other carriers/devices and different plans with or without contract. There are apps that allow you to make calls via VOIP from your ipod also ....... its just not good enough to use as a phone only solution .... yet.

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