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hard to start now we have cooler temps. have checked out IAT , and volage is running at 5 volts. any ideas to why intake heater is not powering.

I'd check the ground cable on it :thumbup2: I bought a 3 foot battery cable with 2 flat ends with holes and grounded it to my block where the drivers side battery ground cable goes too. (dr.front bottom by corner of oil pan) also when its cold take a ohms meter and check if power is coming to the grid heater on the back two studs facing firewall running and also off with key in on postion ( might need a friend if its not cold where you are! I know mine stays on for a good 15 seconds right now and its only like -2 out side!!). I sure hope this is the problem because Im guessing a "grid heater" isnt cheap!!!! :shrug:
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those grid heater relays on the driver side wheel well wear out and either lock open or closed, i had rebuilt one that decided to lock closed and almost caught fire to something. i actually burned my hand just quickly touching the intake horn. now that both are working the cold starting is very short and reliable

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Check for error codes. (P0380 or P0382)Check the grid heater fusible links.Check the IAT sensor with a live data tool for accurate temp readings.As for starting these truck don't need grid heater till your under 32*F. So that being said I would be looking at possible air leaks in the fuel system.

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