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My truck has had some electrical issues with door locks and windows since I got it but the latest is weird. I can unlock my doors either with the key fob or the switch and they unlock when I turn the key off..normal; however, they won't lock in any of the mentioned ways (fob, switch, or when key is turned on). Once in a while they'll work so I assume there's a loose connection somewhere. So, before I start tearing apart areas that have nothing to do with it, could someone with experience in this area steer me in the right direction. Thank

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I assume you're referring to the OE keyless entry system?Are they the original fobs?if they always unlock, but not always lock, it could be a programming issue, possibly.Also, they locks won't lock when the key is turned on (factory, anyway). Mine always locked at about 10-15mph or so.Out of curiosity, have you replaced the master switch assembly in the drivers door?

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Will do when I get home. Thanks I forgot to mention that they won't lock using either interior power switch on the driver's or passenger's doors.

Sound like possibly the master switch Sent from my SPH-L710 using Tapatalk 2
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you can test, also:

pop out the driver's side switch assembly, unplug. Find Pink/Violet (pin 5)and Orange/Violet (pin1).

Using 12v and ground jumper wires, apply 12v (pin 3) to one of the violet-striped wires, and gnd (pin 2) to the other.. The door lock should trip (or unlock.) reverse your jumpers and repeat. the lock should trip the other way.

It's a 5-wire revering polarity design.

If this works, then I'd test the switch assembly for continuity of the adjoining pins in the switch.

Repeat this process for the passenger-side door switch assembly.

Drivers Side wiring:

1 - ORG/VIO - to Pass. pin 4

2 - BLK/ORG - to ground (also to drivers pin 4)

3 - RED - to 12V (fuse 19)

4 - see pin 2 above

5 - PNK/VIO - to Pass. pin 2

Pass. Side wiring:

1 - ORG/BLK - to lock motors

2 - PINK/VIO - to drivers pin 5

3 - RED - 12V (fuse 19)

4 - ORG/VIO - Drivers Pin 1

5 - PNK/BLK - to lock motors

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