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Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 12.04


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Ok just a bit of fun facts about Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04. What I did was nuke the hard drive and partition it out the way I wanted it. post-2-138698195339_thumb.pngThen I installed Windows 7 Home premium on one partition and then Ubuntu 12.04 on the other partition. What was obvious about the installations right off is that Windows 7 is a DVD (4.3 GB) and Ubuntu 12.04 is on a CD (700 MB). Windows of course took much longer to complete than Ubuntu. But what is really wild is Ubuntu 12.04 is ready after installation everything is ready to roll no drivers needed. But in my case I install the AMD video driver and RealTek WiFi driver for Ubuntu since I'm a bit more of a power users. Windows 7 was not even functional really. No network at all, video drivers and resolution all screwed up, no USB's, nothing really works till all the drivers are installed. Here is a shocker there is 885MB worth of drivers that have to be downloaded for my Toshiba Laptop for Windows 7 to operate where Ubuntu 12.04 works out of the box. So now after all said and done Windows installed and drivers installed vs. Ubuntu 12.04 all installed plus 2 extra drivers and all other software installed.post-2-138698195354_thumb.pngAs you can see Windows 7 took up 3 times more drive space for just itself but Ubuntu is 3 times smaller and all the software is installed. I've got SSH server, powertop, webmin, gimp, devede, libre office, and several more programs all loaded on Linux and still 3 times less drive usage. Now you got to remember Windows 7 is still going to need to install MS Office, Anti-virus, Firewall, malware protection, etc. Which is going to enhance the drive usage of Windows quickly. Thankfully Windows in not my main OS I use any longer. post-2-138698195365_thumb.pngThe picture above is of me copying files over to Windows partition (drivers). As you can see I can do quite a bit on the Linux and still not use much for resources. I got to get a screen shot of the Windows side but out of 6 GB of RAM I already consumed just about 2.0 GB just booting to a empty desktop. Remember you would still load some sort of firewall / anti-virus for windows to so this number will be greater yet and still not started working yet...post-2-138698195377_thumb.pngBut Linux has much more going for less...post-2-138698195385_thumb.pngSo you do the math less memory used and more processes (programs) running in Linux or more memory and drive space consumed with nothing running in Windows 7... :think:

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