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Overhead Console wiring

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My 97, when I got the truck, was missing the OHC. The plug is there, but the console is not. It has the black plug that has about 8-10 wires. I bought a console from a member here, and it's only a three wire connector. Apparently my SLT originally had the temp/compass, etc.. THis one I bought has a red plug, with courtesy lights and a pocket, only.I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to wire this one in.. I know ground and constant, but the third wire is for the door-open circuit to trigger the domelight and such. When the door is open, the yellow wire (truck-side) has no voltage. Close the door and the yellow wire gains 12V.I'm a tad confused, for some reason, as to how to actually wire these three wires..Help?

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