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"A" fix for quad adrenaline "Stuck on PL00"


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So, I took a chance & bought an Adrenaline for cheap in the classifieds that was "Stuck on PL00". Figured with my electronic background, I just may be able to fix it. I was thinking it might have been loose connections or somethiing simple (for me that is). After trying it on my truck, it was as advertised "Stuck on PL00".Took the control pod apart & the black & white wires (serial data) were disconnected. I soldered them back on (along with redoing the red & green [power & ground]) & it now changes levels. The way I see it is that the wire is a bit stiff and it looks to me like this one may have been tossed around a bit.Now, to fully test the unit & enjoy the fruits of my labor, I need the MAP adapter for a 2001 ( have the old style along with the DATA link adapter).Who has one that they want to trade or sell cheap? I also need the EGT probe & 3 wire fuel pressure sender.I would think that someone has at least the MAP adapter sitting on a shelf somewhere....Ed

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