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Swapping an intercooled 12v into un-intercooled 91'


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Well here is the story... I have a 92 2wd xcab that we were gonna do a 4wd swap to, but after picking some other smarter brains, we found a sweet grandpa owned 91 4wd standard cab 5 speed for a smoking price. So... now were pulling the intercooled motor out of the 92 and dropping it into the non-intercooled 91. It looks like it's gonna be easiest to use the 92 core supper and paint it versus modifying the 91 support. The IP and injectors are going out to Idaho diesel to be rebuilt and flowed. As soon as the 12 valve meets the steam cleaner were gonna do rear main,timing cover gasket, valve cover gaskets and kdp mod. The motor will be out first thing in the morning and then get the 91 pulled in to start tearing the front off. If you guys have any ideas or pointers don't hesitate to gimme some advice... I'm figuring this out as I go!! Ill try to get some pics loaded...Thanks!

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