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High idle/3 cyl high idle/ MPG fooler unit

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Announcement: I will start producing a combination high idle/3 cyl high idle/MPG fooler box in a quality manner. This will not be a 1 time thing. I am going to order in bulk & produce probably 25 at a time. All plug & play with a small durable weatherproof connector to go through the firewall. ECT & IAT wiring will be OEM style plugs so that you do not have to cut & splice the harness. It'll be similar to the MAP sensor harness on a tuner or boost fooler:Unplug connector from sensor, plug in HI/MPG plug to sensor & plug in HI/MPG plug to truck's harness.I am trying to work with a well known diesel performance distributor, so that it will always be in stock for order.Also, a percentage WILL go towards maintaining Mopar 1973 man's site, as that is where it all started & He is the person who figured it all out.It will be about a month before I can truly gear up for this venture. This all has to be negotiated.I will do my best to find an attractive box or pod that can be mounted aestheticly & possibly lit switches to indicate what feature is engaged.Please give me some time to work this all out.YOU WILL NEED THE SOFTWARE IN YOUR ECM ENABLED IF IT IS NOT ALREADY.Full instructions will be available & supplied with the unit.Thank you,Ed

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