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Hi, Mike has given me an invite to come over so I thought I would say howdy. If I may be of any help with Smarty or BBi Injector questions please let me know! Thank you! Brian SmartyResource :thumbup2:

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Also, to show off another cool project that Mike has his hands in. www.SmartyResource.net/forum/


Yeah I got my fingers in too many pies at times... :ashamed:

But Yeah. Brian and Dylan are to great guys trying to build up a web site for the Smarty Programmer. Hopefully with the help of these two gents we can glean me information on tune these great Cummins engine making them better.

(Wave Magic Wand) -= POOF! =-

You now granted access... :thumbup2:

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Thank you Mike!And Thank you for the great welcome Gentlemen! I look forward to being on here and visiting and sharing info. John, as of now I have no info regarding the RP on the JR with UDC. No plan at this time. Perhaps I may be able to tell you something fuel boost limiter table with UDC but not as we speak. As to the VP UDC! :D Indeed! That day is coming. Of course I do not have a time frame and if I did I would be afraid to report. You know how these ETA's go. Sometimes a project takes a tad bit longer than one envisions. However I will say that those with a VP truck can expect something pretty exciting in the future. For those needing info on Smarty, and the BBi line of injectors please do not hesitate to ask me. Again, Thank You Gentlemen! Brian SmartyResource

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