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1 year or more of inactivity


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Hey gang. Most of you here know about the inactivity policy here that after 1 year you account is disabled and if you have zero post you account is deleted. I've had a few people now come to me in a email wondering what the heck is happening. For those of you that have smart phones and using Tapatalk make sure to login every time. I gotten one email from a gent that is more of reader and rarely post. But if you don't log into the site the clock is ticking against you.But some have asked about the account being disabled. This is a security thing to protect the site and your account. Then also the zero posters are deleted as well freeing the database of any zero posters. This is quite common to see a member register up and visit the one day then never to post a message or return. That's fine. We'll just purge the zero post users out and keep a clean database. There is another kicker to this being we do clear out the old members ship once a month checking for the year or better we keep a accurate record of how many active member we have. As of 09/03/13Limited -------------- 1,017Standard --------------- 291Lost family members - 560Total ------------------ 2,034

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