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diesel problems, same ol, different machine...


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Finally, a cheap fix for once! Massey Ferguson tractor with 354 perkins was loping, surging, and acted like it was 5 seconds 'behind' the governor. Son was already to pull the pump and get a rebuilt... I said whoa! lets do a little investigating first! This motor has a little handle on the lift pump to hand prime the system, and could only get 3-4 pumps before you could feel it cavitate. So, I figured 'restriction' of some sort. Pulled the plug from bottom of tank, (which also serves as a pickup-screen for suction tube) and Voila'!! crud! so, 14 bucks for new filters, a good dousing of good ol #2, and we be back to work! I'll bet the extreme hilly conditions we are running in got the crap moving around, and today probably won't be the last of our 'pitstops'. Amazing what I've found over the years in those fuel tanks wrapped around that screen: rust, rocks, paper clip, and a very well pickled mouse! (he must of been sleeping in the nozzle).. and yes, he stopped the tractor dead in it's tracks!

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