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Frantz filter on order

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Ordered from Deborah at We Filter It. She said if we mension Michael that we get $20 off of a system. Hope that I can complete the install without fabricating a mount? Will it fit outside the exhaust manifold and not hit the hood?

Pictures below shows what mine looks like attached to the manifold. It does not hit the hood.

Posted Image

(Originally, I used the supplied mount with light welding where it attaches to the manifold. The metal I used was too light and developed a crack from the vibration. I will show a picture of the new bracket later....got to find it)

Posted Image

Video showing the easy access of the frantz filter from this location and how well the oil will drained for removal.

(click on video)

Posted Image

- - - Updated - - -

New bracket using thicker metal

Posted Image

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