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Aftermarket Fuel Filter Electrical Connector ID???

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I need some help identifying the electrical connectors on this fuel filter head I got from ebay. It accepts a fleetguard FS 19596 7 Micron fuel filter with the water separator at the bottom and and electrical connection at the bottom.

As can be seen from the pics, the filter head has a connector on the side, and 2 plugs, which are tied in together. The FS 19596 filter, as can be seen, has a connector on the bottom.

I am looking for 2 things:

1. What type of connectors are these, as I plan on getting the correct mating partner for each (i.e. are they deutsch, multi lock, etc)

2. What are the connectors used for. I know the one connector on the side is definitely for the fuel heater. The writing on the side does say delphi.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

- - - Updated - - -

I think I figured out part of what I needed to know. The connectors are Delphi Metri-pack 280 series I believe. The connector with the green seal plugs back into the filter head, and the connector with the blue wire support on the end plugs into the truck (will need a mate for it). Anyway, talking with a buddy at work and we deduced that the wire harness is for the heater (as I knew) and a temperature sensor. What I need to figure out now is how to determine which wire is the hot wire. The factory heater connection has a black and a red going into the stock filter head, so I need to figure out which side of the delphi connector the red or black goes to. Any tips on chasing sparks on that to determine which is which would be great. Also, is there a way to determine wire gauge by just measuring the diameter of the insulation? Thanks.

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