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I typically grab my ball joint press and press them out one at a time. The double joint is a bit special but not bad to deal with. Same deal one at a time starting from the outside working inward. Make sure to mark the alignment of all the part for balancing purpose. I normal use a sharpie marker or a center punch and line up all the marks. Even spray paint would work.

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I recommend NOT ignoring it when things start clattering in 4WD.  Mine beat the little ball to pieces, and ruined the .50 pin that it runs on.  NAPA rebuilt driveshaft on the way for $250.  If I had caught it earlier, it would have been just the ball kit and seal--even the ujoints are fine.

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MoparDave, just did mine yesterday.  Moog p/n 245, only on the transfer case end, the axle side is a different joint.  The double joint is no big deal, nothing will fall out, add some grease if it looks dry.  Just be sure to mark with chalk the yolks that line up just in case.  I did mine in a vise, put a socket to catch on one end and used a nut to push on the other, cranked the vise and when it got tight, struck the vise with a bfh to shock it, then repeated till done.  I did look for a grease-able unit, but it was fruitless.  Either way the first one lasted 103K.

Good Luck


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