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Archiving Of Threads And Posts


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Hey Gang,


I've got a setting here on the forum. This setting is a archive function for the forum. So what happens is the threads and post after a set period of time will be moved to a different database table for storage. This does not delete the posts or threads. But what it does is separate old threads from the active database table which improves the response time of the MySQL server looking through the index being its now much shorter. Also when reading a archived thread or post you'll notice there is no post functions and even for the staff there is no editing or anything. This saves again for the end user because there is less needed to be downloaded to read older posts. This is also nice too to keep family members from necromancing a thread back to life that is older than 1 year old. This will force new threads to be started but the member could reference a older thread by link still.




Any forum thread over 1 year old.


Members Rides: Excluded


Any comments or suggest let me know...



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