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What Is Your "winter Weight"?


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I usually stay around 180lbs. + or - 2 or 3 year round!!!! :thumb1:  :cool:


Last time I weighed Mighty Whitey she tipped the scale right at about 8000lbs. with normal gear in there………me included, but without dogs and dog training equipment that gets taken in and out as needed.


I have my truck loaded with 5 guys, 3 dogs and whatever gear could get stuffed around the dog crates………………..pulling a car hauler with 4 ATV's, coolers, hunting gear, etc.  Didn't scale that trip, but the truck alone with the 4 other guys (fat boys) and the dogs and gear had to go 10,000lbs. +

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Started out the year tipping the scale at 280 started working the flywheel harder in my elipticle and have dropped to 265 in 6 weeks.


Or did you mean my Pickup......... :bolt:


I had my 02 across scales so many times while power pulling I could have told you what it weighed at any point, I have never been across a scale with either of my current rigs without a trailer behind them. :duh:

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Last known weight on the 02 was 7,300 to 7,500 depending on how much junk is in the back. Me... I'm just a comfortable 205 pounds. By this summer loose the last 5 pound and make 200 pounds...  :woot:


Yep, I'm right there with ya. I'm 5'10" though..

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Unless needed, I keep her stock weight and with what is needed at the time could be up to another 150 #'s ~ summer / winter.

Figured why carry if I'm not using.

As to actual pounds total, it was not needed yet so I never put her on the scale. 

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You guys are making my truck feel "fat"...


It's amazing how much heavier a 3rd gen is than a 2nd gen.. now I do have a few mods that add some weight (some not much, but it does add up).


Front Receiver

Class V Rear Receiver

Rear Sway Bar

Spray in Liner

Air Bags

4 filters (and plumbing) more than OEM

227 lbs of extra weight for 5x19.5's.

The tool box has 3 pairs of HD chains, tools, filters, recovery gear, straps, mantee's, hi-lift, and fuel additive


Dodge claims the curb weight is 7600lbs.....

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